GILLOCHINDOX☆GILLOCHINDAE was born in Tokyo in 1999 and grew up in contact with subcultures such as manga and movies. He grew up with manga, film, and other subcultures. His work is conceptual and narrative, using the city and youth as subjects. He is currently organizing “獸”, a seven-year long project combining contemporary art exhibitions and live performances, in which a story unfolds over the course of seven years. He also curates the gallery “CON_” in east-side Tokyo.




「JYU (Episode. 0/Crosswhen)」BUoY(Tokyo、2021)
「Young Artist Exhibition 2021」EUKARYOTE(Tokyo、2021)
「Jyu (Episode.1 / Takaramachi Complex)」CONTRAST(Tokyo、2022)
「ULTRA-skin inframince」CON_(Tokyo、2022)
「EAST EAST_2023」 Science Museum, (Tokyo、2023)