CON_ is proud to present the solo exhibition "Adaptation" by Masahide Matsuda, featuring new works from March 23rd (Saturday) to April 7th (Sunday), 2024.

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Shōei Matsuda was born in 1986. In an era where the changing global situation and technological advancements have made predictions difficult, he is an artist who continues to pioneer new formats of art by flexibly adapting and changing his appearance and name. In this exhibition, which signifies adaptation, fitting, or reworking, Matsuda pays homage to historical masterpieces that have influenced him while introducing a new series that adapts them to the present. As the first installment, he introduces the concept of "phase-free products," which eliminate the distinction between normal times and emergencies and incorporate the awareness of disasters into daily life. This poses a direct question about the relationship between art and life, and between artworks and human lives. We invite you to take a closer look.

Exh Title: Adaptation
Artist: Shōei Matsuda @shoeimatsuda
Term/会期: 2024.03.23(SAT) - 04.07(SUN)
Opening reception: 03.23(SAT) 18:00-21:00
at: CON_ @con_tokyo_maruka 4F, 2-2-14 Nihonbashi Bakurocho, Chuoku, Tokyo東京都中央区日本橋馬喰町 2-2-14 maruka 4F
Open : Thu-Sun 14:00-19:00
Closed : Mon, Tue, Wed, public holiday,otherwise announced 月火水祝休Web:

松田将英/Shōei Matsuda

Shōei Matsuda was born in 1986 and began his career in social media in 2010, garnering attention as an anonymous artist who has a significant impact on the masses and society. His events, instructions, and performances, which he creates collaboratively with people, are highly regarded as a practice that questions the subjectivity and authorship of the post-social media era and creates new communality by directly intervening in cities and society. Since 2020, he has started using his real name and has been attempting to update people's perceptions through conceptual and poetic practices on celebrities, economies, and landscapes in the network era, utilizing various media such as installations, sculptures, prints, and videos.

1986年生まれ。2010年から匿名で活動を開始。SNSやオンラインコミュニティを通じて行われたイベントやパフォーマンスは、アーティストの主体性や作者性を問い直し新たな共同性を生み出す実践として高い評価を受けました。2016年に渡独し、実名での活動を開始。ネットワーク普及以降の社会に対するコンセプチュアルで詩的な実践を通じて、人々の認識を更新する試みを行なっています。近年の主な展覧会に「DXP―次のインターフェースへ」(金沢21世紀美術館、石川)、「The Big Flat Now」(Dubai Festival City、ドバイ)、「それは知っている:形が精神になるとき」(金沢21世紀美術館、石川)など。2016年、「アルス・エレクトロニカ賞」のデジタルコミュニティ部門において準グランプリを受賞。